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Drogie Druhny,


Wiem, że jest to dla nas bardzo smutna nowina. W nocy z 24 na 25 sierpnia 2012, jedna z naszych wędrowniczek została potrącona przez samochód na przejściu dla pieszych. W wyniku obrażen, zmarła.


Edyta poruszyła nasze serca na wiele sposobów w naszym życiu, ale słowa nie są wstanie tego przekazać. Wniosła wiele wkładu w nasz szczep, co spowodowało, że staliśmy się jedną wielkś rodziną na zawsze. Bardzo nas ta wiadomość przygnębiła i wszyscy będziemy za nią tęsknić. Moje wyrazy współczucia kieruję szczególnie do osób bardzo bliskich Edycie, które utrzymywały z nią kontakt przez lata, kiedy studiowała i nie bywała w naszym kręgu harcerskim. Pamiętam każdą chwilę, kiedy ją widziałam, zawsze do mnie podbiegała, jakby nie było jutra i uściskiwała mnie mówiąc: "O Mój Boże, druhno, tak się za Tobą stęskniłam, tak długo Cię nie widziałam" (mimo, że była to tylko przerwa wakacyjna czy też przerwa świąteczna). Zawsze powodowała, że się uśmiechałam, tak jak i Wy, widząc jak dorastacie, zawsze pełna niekończącej się energi. Przypuszczam, że Wasze uczucia i pamięć są prawdopodobnie takie same.


Ostatni raz odwiedziła nas podczas zeszłorocznego biwaku "Picasso" na Kaszubach, na Thanksgiving weekend (październik 2011). Specjalnie przyjechała do nas, aby spędzić czas z naszymi harcerkami, których wcześniej nigdy nie spotkała, ale chciała poznać. Usiadła z nimi na terenie Stodoły i wygłosiła swoją gawędę, bardzo poruszającą, a potem przyłączyła się do nas i naszego ogniska. Widziałam wtedy jak młode harcerki patrzyły na nią i jak jej szampańska osobowość ich napełnia.


Cześć jej pamięci,

Agata Zubor


Edyta Wal
Edyta Wal

ś.p. Edyta Wal


Edyta Wal


Edyta Wal

Edyta Wal


Dla Edyty...

Komentarze z Facebook od naszych harcerek z "Rzeki" i od harcerzy z "Podhala"


Julia Kolman (Ruta) była harcerka
"Edyta- the one who always made everyone laugh and feel welcome. Her smile and warmth will never be forgotten. She showed me how to wear makeup way back at Kaszuby...something i do without thinking, but this morning was different. It made me smile and sad at the sametime knowing I have something so small that reminds me of her but will stay with me forever. For someone so young, you touched very many people and will be greatly missed. You're in my prayers. Czuwaj"


Julia Kolman (Ruta) była harcerka
"You looked beautiful today....I never would have wanted to see like this, but I at least got to say good bye one last time. I love you so much. Tonight really made me realize how many hearts you've touch and how many lives you changed. You deserve the best. See you one day up in heaven. Your friends and family miss so much edytka. if only you knew the impact you've made. Xo"


Natalie Lizak
"Rest in peace Edyta! You are one of the few people I ever look up to. Before I even became a harcerka you would always be smiling at me in the halls when I was still a little zuch. All I knew you as then was the prettiest harcerka Rzeka has ever had! Soon enough you were my druhna at kolonia and I couldn't be more grateful it was you and not anyone else. Being my druhna as a harcerka, you gave me a totally different outlook not only on harcerstwo, but on life itself. You were always smiling and I learned that from you♥ I can truly say you changed me from a young age and I hope you can hear my prayers so I can tell you this. Thank you for not a single dull moment at zbiorki especially when you would sing 'Hej Sokoly' with Marcela and opera voice "dzwon" and shout "hej!" and pull out the bell! You always knew when something was wrong and how to get me to laugh again. I can't thank you enough. 
There was not a moment with you when my cheeks weren't  hurting from smiling the entire time! The best birthday gift I ever got was your surprise visit to Kaszuby on my birthday weekend for Thanksgiving. Late night chats catching up and driving around at night on Baltyk teren. While Vicky and Carolyn got out of the car to check out the boathouse, I'll never forget how you turned to me and we started talking as if you never left♥ I still can't take in that you're actually gone. And maybe that's because you're really not. I know you're watching down on all of us and you're still with us all. Rather than mourning, I imagine you telling me to smile. So I will take after you and continue to smile. "Don't cry that she's gone, be happy you got to be part of her." I remember also meeting your boyfriend when I was just a little girl, all because we shared the same birthday! It had seemed so significant to us :p Nie moge ci wypowiedziec jaki bol w sercu mam ze az taki piekny aniolek z nami juz nie zyje♥♥ we love you! Our prayers go out to you beautiful♥
Śpieszmy się kochać ludzi, tak szybko odchodzą."


Zucchini - Vicky Żuk
"Druhna Edytka, 
You always brought so much energy and happiness to zbiorki! No matter what we did it was always fun and exciting.. made me want to stay in harcerstwo even more.
Your smile was so contagious! You will always be remembered.
Rest in peace."


Agata Zubor (szczepowa)
"Edytka your enthusiasm and positive energy for life in everything you did, especially in harcerstwo just made such a great pleasure to be around in Rzeka. Having you working along with me was an honour. For szczepowa you could never ask for better drużnowa. Edytka you have set a great example in all of my drużynowe now who just adore you. Your charm and charisma brought the best in every harcerka and me. There was no challenge for you or at least you made it look so simple and always found a way to make it fun out of anything, any time. Your beautiful personality will stay with me forever and I thank you for being part of this great experience we shared. You were always full of unexpected surprises that made me wonder what this chick is up to again. :) I will miss you and I will always remember you as I see yours and Marcelki’s charm in all harcerki that you both had raised."


Mike Hawrysz (szczepowy "Podhala")
"I am reminded that Edyta's smile, her tremendously positive attitude and her strong leadership with the kids under her all contributed to someone whom was very much loved by the generation of Toronto scouts that where part of her being on Earth. Edyta, there is no doubt to many of us, you have found internal everylasting happiness!"


Anna Bazydło
"Druhna Edyta Wal,
Your laughter made me stay. The fun times I had with you as your harcerka changed my whole perspective of what harcestwo was. It wasn’t about doing the hard things; it was about learning how to make the hard times fun. Laughing in times where situations weren’t the greatest and taking those situations and learning from them. Without you I would have left. I would have not become the person I am today. I would have not met the people I consider family. The times I cherish the most would have not happened. But it’s thanks to you that I can look back and be happy with my decisions. In October you told me that you wished you stayed in harcestwo because it was a second family, but we never stopped being your second family. This family is forever. I hope that one day I’ll be someone’s reason to stay in harcestwo."


Marcela Kulak
"Edytka my wallyfier, my nocci, my dysia, my second half. I've been reading all the notes you wrote me over the years and for some reason sweetie you kept writting 'never forget me' in them. Baby girl you are unforgettable, you are always on my mind as well as so many other individuals minds too. Miss you kochana moja. I will love you forever. Buźka !!!!"


Agata Zubor (szczepowa)
"Czuwaj Edytko, 
My mind with thoughts of you runs faster than I can type. Collecting thoughts to make sense of this is harder than I could imagine. I tried to be strong for you today as I and all your Rzeka harcerki, other siostry harcerki and instruktorki stood on Baczność at the church door for your arrival. And then as I sit in the pew and watch your harcerki cry I just couldn’t help myself. The thought of loosing you was just heart breaking. To see how much love they have for you. Your presence pulled them closer together; as they all reflect on experiences they shared with you. Your magnetic energy still going strong like never before. We all were there to see you once more for the last time before you go.

Honestly Edytko, I have never used facebook as much as I did this pass week. I see all your harcerki pour their heart and soul for you. Every comment they write it’s so moving and beautiful. And to see so many of the older wędros that I h
aven’t kept in touch in years was just an eye opener for me. They have so much to say to you. 

You have made us stronger and we will follow your footsteps to continue your legacy of “happiness” because I truly believe that’s what you will want us to do. We might not be as successful as you, but we will do our best to bring the best of it in the years ahead.

I remember when you came to our Thanksgiving Biwak in 2011 after not seeing you for so many years and you were so excited to see us and you wanted to spend time with us. You shared your wisdom of harcerskie życie and how great impact it had on you personally and you wanted to pass it on to all the new harcerki that you have not met before. You told us to never forget where we came from and to cherish our siostry harcerki and all the experiences, as they will be in our hearts forever as they did for you. You expressed such great love for us then and told us you miss us so so so so much. We missed you too Edyta, then and now. We shared our ognisko with you and your favourite song “izzy ka tumba” as you sang your heart out. :)

Rest in Peace. I will visit you every chance I have. pa


Anna Czarnowski
"Edyta - always smiling, always beautiful, always kind, always happy. Your time here ended so much sooner than any of the hundreds of people who loved you ever thought it would, but now you have found peace and rest in a better place. One day we will meet your beautiful soul again, till then, Czuwaj! ♥"


Jessica Lelen - In Loving Memory of Edyta Marzena Wal
‎"- You looked so beautiful today my angel. Did you see how many people shed tears for you today? I am so happy to see you in peace. Your father made me promise him something. And I promised. I love you my little princess!"


Vicky Wiland II - In Loving Memory of Edyta Marzena Wal
"You looked beautiful today edyta. The amount of tears that were shed today, the amount of sobs I heard, tells me that you will be very dearly missed. Heaven gained one hell of an angel ♥"


Joanna Grodecki
"Edyta, no words can express our grief for losing you and neither can they express how greatful and blessed we all are for having you be a part of our lives. Edytka you have always been an angel, even here on earth. Your warm smile and kind hearted personality was always so contagious, impacting every person you met. Druhno you have made me the harcerka i am today and the one who first ignited the harcerski duch in me. From now on whenever us Rzeka girls wear our mundur we know that we will not only be representing harcerstwo but you aswell, and all that you have taught us. Edytka those zbiorki that you led with us were ones always filled with such laughter, knowledge and love, ones that we will forever remember. The goodbye that we said to you today is not a final one. I know your spirit is with us, watching over us and guiding us. Thank you for everything Edytka , we love you and miss you dearly, forever in our hearts,Czuwaj, Rest in Peace♥"


Carolyn Lizak
"Edytka, we left with you our chusta... The smiles and laughter you brought to zbiorki every Friday night is what kept all the girls coming for all these years. We sang to you Do Ojczyzny which made me upset because I would never hear your beautiful voice again... But at the same time it made me smile because I remember the good times where you sang for us or made silly voices and acts to capture our attention and laugh back. I will never forget you.. everything about you. The beauty you had.. brought a different meaning to life. So many of your friends and family showed up today.. I know you've shared your smile more than once with every one of them. You are dearly missed and we cannot to see you again with God. Druhno Edytko, I will never forget you... Szczep Rzeka will never forget you♥ Czuwaj!"


Zucchini - Vicky Żuk
"Edytka, although the song we sang said "moja luba o mnie zapomiala" I'm positive that all of us will always remember you and keep you in our hearts."


Weronika Waszewski
"Druhno Edytko,
all your harcerki came today to say goodbye to you. I'm sure the echos of czuwaj reached you in heaven ♥ we will be visiting you as often as we could during zbiorki, you dont worry about that! be our guardian angel and watch over us, druhno!
Czuwaj! :* ♥"


Edyta Scipien-Gdula (była drużynowa harcerek)
"Edytko, although you are not here physically, your spirit is. We all gathered today to send you off to a better place.All the tears shed are just a symbol how much you impacted their life. May everyone of us learn from you to love life and be happy, wear a smile on your face, be thankful for what and who we have in our life. May you Rest in peace beautiful angle."


Mirek Dębicki
"‎...if it wouldn't be for scouts my dear friends, most of us would probably never meet, would never experience, would never learn...it's a school of life, of friendship, of leadership the brother/sister hood...At last we are one, equal, same like uniforms but most important humble inside, better then others...we create great moments and big or small mistakes - that's just life, someone would say. As we saw today life can end and take all those moments away ..wishing you all, dear brothers and sisters, open mind, laughter, where everyday is filled with Edyta's energy ...smile heals wounds, smile makes friends, smile helps to live true life till that moment where nothing else matters...it was an honor to see you all out there today...God bless"


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